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Education is the largest single activity in the world, involving over 1000 million students and 50 million teachers at all levels.
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Mutual Cooperation & MoU

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Helping Universities / Teaching Peace, Mercy and Tolerance

There is an urgent need to give special attention to improving curricula, the content of textbooks, and other educational materials including new technologies, with a view to educating caring and responsible citizens open to other cultures, able to appreciate the value of freedom, respectful of human dignity and differences, and able to prevent conflicts or resolve them by non-violent means.






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Institution Building

To create, design and implement educational programmes for its members in partnership with other firms working in the same field.

Education Innovation

To provide innovative technology, information, knowledge, wisdom, and education that prepares every body for educational leadership.

Open and Distance Leaning

To review the open and distance learning in the context of present challenges and opportunities. describe relevant concepts and contribution.

Secure Financial Health

To promote interdisciplinary networks of educational experts at the local, national and international levels for the mutual financial health.

Educational Export & Import

To promote interdisciplinary networks of environmental experts at the local, national and international levels in order to disseminate knowledge.

Setting and Achieving goals

To collaborate / affiliate with the Central and State Governments, agencies and bodies for implementing and achieving the projects on higher education

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